Junior Team

Head Coach: Brian Olsen

Assistant Coaches: Tim Jones, Kristi Cauvin

We recruit youth players throughout our area, and in some cases players from different programs approach us, who want to compete at a higher level. Our youngest is 5 years old and they’re with us until they age out or their talent seeds in their playing competition where they would transition into our adult program.

When they come into the program we need to fit them with pads, gloves, a sled, uniform (home/away jersey and socks) and sticks. We fund all equipment and ice time for the player.  Our goal is never to turn away a player due to financial hardship. 

We try to give these athletes as many opportunities as we can which include league games, tournaments, the National Disabled Sled Hockey Festival and games against able-bodied teams.  This year they’ll be traveling to Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Mighty Penguins Sled Face-Off Tournament, London Blizzard Tournament in Ontario, Canada, New England Invitational Tournament in Massachusetts and  Disabled Fest in West Chester Pennsylvania. 

The able-body games we play have us putting traditional stand up youth hockey players in a sled and teaching them how to play hockey in a whole new way. This leads to lots of laughs and a humbling appreciation between players.  

As you can imagine, the opportunities for disabled youth to be part of a team and play competitively is so much less.  It’s amazing to see our players comfortable, trash talking and bonding with their teammates.  Our players play hard, there’s checking, hard passes and shots and of course, penalties. 

Regular season travel includes: NJ, DC & MD,

Tournaments: Mighty Pittsburgh Penguins Tournament, London Blizzard (London, Ontario, Canada), Disabled Fest (location changes annually), Amelia Park (Massachusetts)